1. Open drawing (DWG) file in AutoCAD.
  2. Create a window with your screen to be saved as a tiff file.
  3. From the Tools menu, choose "Display Image" and then "Save".
  4. The Save dialog box will appear, where you can select the desired image
    format that you would like to save it as.Choose TIFF.
  5. Enter a desired size on the right-hand side of the dialog box.
  6. Choose OK. Remember that what is on the screen is what will be saved to the TIFF file.
  7. The Image File dialog box is displayed and you will be prompted to save the file.
  8. Save the file with a given name at the desired place and click on the Save button in the
    corner of the box.
  9. The file is saved as a TIFF and is accessible. *Please be sure to open and review the
    TIFF files before sending them to print.
How to Convert AutoCAD DWG Files to TIFF:

How to Convert AutoCAD DWG Files to PDF:

  1. Open drawing (DWG) file in AutoCAD.
  2. You can simply use a window from model space or you can create a new layout in paper
    space to work from. It is usually simpler to create a new layout to work from, especially if a title block is needed and/or paper dimension need to be exact.
  3. If working with a new layout, right click on the respective layout tap at the bottom of the drawing and click on Page Setup. If working still with model space, go to the File Menu at the top of the page and click on Page Setup.
  4. In the Page Setup control, you must set all linetypes, lineweights, paper sizes, and all
    applicable printing styles to the drawing.
  5. Under the Plot Device tab, drag down the Plotter Configuration tab, and choose Adobe PDF or if not available Adobe PDF Writer.
  6. A PDF file will be saved exactly as it has been setup and will not be allowed to be changed in the PDF format. All setups and changes are to be made in AutoCAD.
  7. When all these types have been saved, go to the Plot under File Menu.
  8. If you are not using a new layout, select window, under Layout Settings tab, of which to
    print, then make sure to check paper size and other printing options, and then click on the Full Preview tab at the bottom of the window.
  9. If everything is satisfactory then right click on the screen and choose plot. If not, you may have to adjust settings in plot setup menu. Do so until all things are satisfactory and then select plot.
  10. You will be asked to save the file (as a PDF). Do so wherever is necessary.
  11. You now have a PDF file that is accessible to print.